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Committed to the development of the chemical fiber industry.
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About Us

Haian County Zhongxiang Wire Industry Co.,Ltd  is located in the coastal economic development zone approved by the State Council - Hainan, Nantong, Jiangsu.
It is close to Nantong Airport in the east, adjacent to the Yangtze River Golden Waterway in the south, and connected to the Xinchang Railway in the north. It enjoys a convenient transportation in sea, land and air. Since its foundation......


Create market demand

Deeply study the customer needs, timely discover, dig and lead the future market opportunities, and constantly create new market demand.


Expand market share

Strive to expand the market and provide surprising and high-quality products and services for more customers, through aggressive development and expansion strategies. 


Cultivate customer loyalty

Continuously develop new products, improve existing products, improve service quality, cultivate and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Exquisite, fine workmanship and quality goods

We regard quality as the life of enterprise, pay close attention to product quality, and do our best to serve the customers! The company independently produces, processes and sells various products to meet customers' demands for products and various requirements.

Establish a benchmark corporate image

Be the best employer

Become a good corporate citizen

Zhong Xiang

Our Equipment

Provide consumers with high-quality products and services, provide marketing partners with comprehensive cause support, and provide employees with the best career development space.


Committed to the development of the chemical fiber industry.

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Haian County Zhongxiang Wire Industry Co.,Ltd

Company address: Jiqing Industrial Park, Haian City
Fax:  0513-88461858
Contact: Lu Chongguo 13506296398 

    Lu Jing 13016780108


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